With access to a wide range of talented candidates, we help you to fill roles with the right people. We can do that because we understand your business and your culture and because you already trust us to do what’s best for you.

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A recruitment partner, not a recruitment agency

We think about recruitment differently here. Finding the right candidate for your role is our only objective. That’s why we put so much time, attention and dedication into our recruitment work.

We know recruitment has a poor reputation with some businesses. We’re not an agency; instead, we work in close partnership with all our clients and handle everything from straightforward candidate selection to supporting the entire recruitment, interview and induction process – for both permanent and contract staff.

This is why a high percentage of our recruitment business comes from existing clients. They trust us to understand their business, recognise their specific needs and only put forward candidates that will work. We take everything into consideration – skills needed, experience required, qualifications desired and, above all, attitude to work. We only select people we know are going to fit into your culture, work well with your existing teams and help you to meet your business goals.

Where will you see a difference?

If you’ve worked with recruitment agencies in the past, you’ll see a marked difference here:

  • We make you feel absolutely confident in our ability to select the right candidates.
  • We can select and send CVs to you, pre-interview to your brief, and sit in on your own final interviews.
  • We can hold genuinely useful recruitment days if you have a number of positions to fill – and we know exactly how to screen candidates at these types of events.
  • We qualify candidates properly, so you’re never going to get a candidate who doesn’t meet your requirements.
  • We can operate as an extension of your HR and recruitment teams, representing your business professionally and helping to enhance your reputation.
  • We can organise background checks, run assessment centres and carry out psychometric testing
  • We build a two-way relationship that lets us evaluate how your recruitment is going and use our reporting functions to make sure we are always doing our best for you.

Most of our clients come from the financial services, IT, accountancy, contact centre and HR sectors, so we have access to a wealth of talent across these areas. We’re also able to recruit high-quality candidates into other industries.

If you’re ready to work with a friendly, reliable, experienced and focused recruitment team that has your organisation’s best interests at heart and a reputation for delivering excellent candidates every time, we’d love to hear from you. Just call us today to speak to one of the team.