Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestments

Merging with another business, acquiring a company or reducing the number of companies in your group brings organisational challenges. Meet these head-on with expert advice for the best possible outcome.

Merge, Acquire or Divest with Confidence

An essential element of success in these business deals is successful engagement and communication with the people across all the entities involved. Discovering, understanding and dealing with concerns helps to put your new business on a positive footing.

Objective M&A and Divestment Advice

By necessity, most corporate activity focuses on financial and tangible assets. To make these new businesses work, however, the people within them must be involved, communicated to and encouraged to contribute to effective change.

Our specialist team works with you from initial talks to post-deal implementation to ensure that, whether you’re buying a new business or closing a business down, your people are given the time and attention they deserve – fuelling your success. This includes:

  • Pre deal strategy and planning
  • HR Due Diligence
    Review of liabilities
  • Organisational and Stakeholder Engagement
    — communication strategy
    — integration planning
    — organisation design
    — retention of key people
  • Integration implementation
    — common culture and integrating people practices
    — reviewing the Learning and Development Strategy
    — total reward strategy

If you are planning changes, or are struggling to get your staff on board with current changes, contact us today to see how we can help.