Have you heard of the British Citizen Awards?

We are delighted to be sponsors of the amazing British Citizen Awards in 2020 and 2021. These awards recognise people from all over the UK who have made an extraordinary contribution to their community or country, volunteering on projects, setting up groups, supporting individuals or finding a way to make a difference.

Those awarded a BCA have been involved in a range of activities, including setting up a support group for deaf people, cooking dinners every day for the homeless, running food banks and tackling poverty in their local areas. They have often been doing this for many years without recognition.

Why we’re sponsoring

We believe in the power of people and the power of kindness and we believe in rewarding people who put others first. Lisa Collins, our Managing Director said:

“We have always supported people who go above and beyond. We have previously sponsored the WOW! Awards for customer service, and the Institute of Customer Service Awards. It’s important to us that we are part of highlighting just how important it is that we think of others and work with others to create better places to live and work. We’re delighted to be involved with the BCA, and I’m constantly amazed by the things people do to help others.”

Those who have been put forward for awards attend an awards event at the Palace of Westminster, followed by an evening reception at Church House, where everyone gets to hear more about the incredible work being done largely under the radar.

The latest BCA ceremony was on January 23 2020, and the next one is in July. There are always two ceremonies each year, and nominations need to be made well in advance, as they fill up quickly.

The BCA says:

“The purpose of the BCA programme is to recognise individuals that are making a positive contribution to their community, society or chosen cause, in the hope that it encourages them to continue and others to emulate their good deeds.

BCA recipients are all extraordinary people from across the country who have a commitment to improving the lives of others. Any person can be nominated for a BCA. The programme represents multi-cultural Britain welcoming nominations for any person that is committed to making a positive impact on their community or their chosen cause.

Do you know someone who should be considered for a BCA award? You can request a nomination form by emailing: nominations@britishcitizenawards.co.uk with ‘BCA Nomination’ in the title or alternatively, visit BCA website: www.britishcitizenawards.co.uk.

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