Kudos to Breathe HR!

We are always looking for ways to make things easier for our clients – and for our own team. So when we were introduced to Breathe HR, an intuitive HR information platform, we were immediately intrigued.

We originally signed up to use the platform internally at Objective HR – and it transformed the way we work. As Breathe HR Partners, we now also recommend the system to clients, and we’ve had great take-up already – and our clients love it.

Why? Because it’s a simple, intuitive system that gets rid of endless filing, paper and spreadsheets, replacing them with an easy-to-use system that offers great functionality. We use it to:

  • Retain employee information securely and in line with GDPR requirements
  • Calculate sickness and other benefits
  • Manage holiday plans
  • Upload company documents, such as handbooks and contracts
  • Distribute company updates
  • Manage individual targets and performance
  • Upload screening documents, including proof of ID, DBS checks and references

We (and our clients) particularly love the ‘Kudos’ tool – where anyone in the team can give a virtual high five to someone else. Our guys absolutely love this – giving and receiving!

Who runs Breathe HR?

Breathe is a UK-based company that believes in making lives easier. With a full-time developer team and award-winning customer service, it’s a company that really cares about the people who use the platform. The company has a great attitude to its own people and culture, which is one of the big reasons it appealed to us here at Objective HR. The company manages all its own updates and system enhancements, so you know your platform is in safe hands.

Sign up for a 14-day free trial with Objective HR

We don’t think you’ll need a whole two weeks to be convinced about the difference that Breathe HR can make to your business – and we know you won’t want to stop after your initial 14 days are up. Why not give it a try? If you like it, you can either take a subscription as a standalone service for your business, or we can operate it for you as part of our retained service*, which also includes all the other HR support, training, screening and recruitment services we offer.

It’s easy to start your trial – just click this link: https://app.breathehr.com/signup?referred_by_code=2gZVye3p




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