Wondering what 2020 will bring?

2020 is certainly going to be a year of change. And businesses of all sizes need to prepare for the challenges ahead. There will be legislation following a new Queen’s Speech and there will be a budget that is almost certainly going to impact businesses one way or another.

At Objective HR, we’ve had a really busy 2019, particularly with the continued growth of our dedicated employee screening business. Clients are seeing the financial and business security benefits of carrying out full and proper checks on their selected candidates, ensuring that they are hiring the right people first time, rather than getting it wrong and spending yet more money on recruitment.

Getting it right first time

Our focus has always been on helping businesses choose the right employees and then investing in those employees so that they stay within the business, develop new skills, take on new responsibilities and help the business to grow. It’s what we do with our own business and we firmly believe that it works.

That’s why we’re going into 2020 with a clear focus on the benefits of good recruitment processes, reliable screening services and ongoing best practice for HR departments. We are already working with an increasing number of people to make sure they are compliant with the new SM&CR regulations and we expect that to grow further in the New Year as businesses look for professional support in that area.

Growth from within

And in terms of supporting your existing teams, we’ll be focusing on how we can help businesses manage culture change – whether that comes from a change of leadership, a merger or an acquisition – and how we can help to align employee and team goals to the business strategy so that everyone is working on the same page.

Setting goals is a great start, but they always need engagement from your people in order to make them worthwhile – and you need to measure progress by having reliable feedback processes in place and by genuinely committing to changing the things that aren’t working.

It’s achieving engagement and success during change periods that is one of the most satisfying parts of our job. That’s because it involves working directly with your people at all levels, from Executive Boards to new entrants, finding out how to make the most of the talents, skills and commitment in your business.

What’s it like to work with us?

We’re proud that our clients believe we have the positive attitude, technical know-how and business-like approach to make a real difference to their businesses, whether it’s in recruitment, screening, learning and development, culture change, policies and processes or all of the above. If you’d like to work with us in 2020, contact us today.


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