A look back on 2019

Every year, we take a look back at the topics we’ve covered and the things that have been important to HR Directors and businesses during the past 12 months.

It’s always amazing how quickly the year goes by. We are still waiting on a final resolution to Brexit, and few of us would have thought in January that we’d be choosing a new government in December. Businesses need to plan – and part of that planning this year has been about how to keep your business focused and your people safe and happy during periods of extreme uncertainty.

That’s why we started 2019 with a round-up of employment changes that businesses needed to be aware of as they planned for the year ahead. It can be tough keeping on top of your legal responsibilities to the people who work for you. An open, transparent and supportive approach to employment law within your business will help to build good relationships at all levels and stand your business in good stead when challenges arise.

We’ve talked quite a bit about screening this year. Mis-hiring can be incredibly expensive for your business, and if you’re spending a lot of money on recruitment, you do also need to do the final checks that confirm you’re hiring the person you think you are. This is, of course, about standard things like making sure your employee has the right to work in the UK, but it’s also about making sure their academic record is verified, that you can account for any career gaps, and that there are no criminal convictions you should know about. Screening is about protecting your business now and in the future.

And recently, we’ve highlighted the impact of new SM&CR regulations on solo-regulated financial firms. If you’re still unsure about how this impacts your recruitment and compliance, contact us for advice and support.

At Objective HR, we’re very keen on making sure that businesses are making the most of everyone in the organisation. Quite often, we find that people who are not performing in one role are more than suited to another – and flourish when moved. We work with our clients to take a long-term view of skills and talents, looking for the best fit at the point of recruitment, and assessing the people already working within your business to see if they could be happier and more productive using their skills differently. We also offer a wide range of tailored learning and development programmes to help businesses retain great people and develop the next generation of leaders.

The HR landscape is constantly changing – and a new government is likely to mean more changes during 2020. We’ll be here to keep you up-to-date and give you essential advice, support and share our expertise to help you keep your business on track.

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