Are you confident in your screening practices?

Businesses have a responsibility to be compliant with a range of legislation and regulation – for those working in the financial sector, for example, there are stringent requirements to meet. Failure to do so can result in fines and reputational damage.

There are many ways that businesses have to ensure that they are compliant – one of these is employee screening. It’s now essential – and commonplace – that new employees are screened before they join the business. It may also be important that existing employees are checked to ensure they meet the relevant requirements.

Sectors where screening is particularly important include:

  • Financial services and insurance
  • Education
  • Care homes
  • Other social care
  • Health and medical

However, all employers should run basic checks at the point of recruitment – it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that the candidates they choose are suitable and able to work.

How do you manage your screening?

Some companies opt to handle screening in-house. This means that all information is contained within the business, but it can be time-consuming for a small team or single HR person to manage, and it’s possible that important checks may be missed. It can also take time to get the answers you need, which extends the recruitment process and add to your costs.

This is particularly relevant if you are constantly hiring casual labour or have a regular turnover of staff – each one will need to have at least the most basic checks, such as Right to Work, and others will require more in-depth screening.

The benefits of outsourcing screening

By working with an outsource partner, you can pass all your screening and background check requirements to experienced professionals who use recognised systems to conduct a wide range of checks. These include:

  • Right to work
  • Academic and qualification checks
  • Regulatory qualification checks specific to the financial services and insurance industries
  • Directorship history
  • Employment history
  • ID verification and credit history
  • Criminal record
  • DVLA checks
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Anti-terrorisom

These checks ensure that the people you recruit are not only fit for purpose but also trustworthy and display integrity. Ideally, the right time to undertake the checks is prior to someone starting to work for you as this gives them the sense of urgency to help get the checks completed and it makes your company look professional and thorough. Indeed, unsuitable candidates will often remove themselves from your recruitment process once they know you carry out screening checks, helping you to save time, money and hassle.

To find out more about our screening service, or to talk to us about working with us on background checks for new or existing staff members, just contact us today.

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