Are you ready for April?

April is always a busy time of year for business owners and HR professionals. It’s often when new legislation comes into force, rules updated or salaries and benefits changed. So, are you ready for what’s around the corner?

Here’s our quick guide to things you should be aware of this spring:

  • Payslip changes – from April 6th, you’ll need to change the way you reflect payments on payslips. In particular, you will have to be more transparent about the way you pay workers whose pay varies depending on the number of hours they work. You must show the relevant hours and variable pay each month. You’ll also need to make sure that every worker has a payslip – whether permanent or on a flexible contract. If you outsource your payroll, you should check to make sure your provider is ready for these changes and has the information they need.
  • Family and sick pay – for those taking statutory maternity, paternity, adoption or shared parental leave, there is an increase in statutory benefits from April 7th. The weekly rate for these benefits is rising to £148.68 and for sick pay, the rate is increasing to £94.25. Make sure that your systems are ready to account for this new amount and that your employees are aware of the increase.
  • Modern day slavery responsibilities – every company, no matter what size, has a responsibility to ensure that it only employs those with a right to work in the UK, and that it does not engage in any illegal employment activities. For those companies with a turnover of £36m or more, there is a legal requirement to publish an annual statement on modern slavery and human trafficking. The government is becoming increasingly strict about the publication of these statements, which should be released within 6 months of the company’s year end.
  • National minimum wage – all national wage rates will rise from April 1st. This includes the national living wage, which increases to £8.91 per hour, and the minimum wages for other workers: £7.70 for those aged 21-24, £6.15 for those aged 18-20 and £4.20 for those under 18.
  • Pensions auto-enrolment – from April 6th, there is an increase in the minimum level of employer contribution into a pensions auto-enrolment scheme from 2% to 3%. Employee contributions will increase from 3% to 5%, making the total contribution now 8%.

For help and advice with any of these imminent issues, or to talk to us about making sure you are prepared for the wide range of reporting and general employee matters that your HR department needs to cover, contact us today.


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