Recruitment assessments fail to hire people into the right jobs

A recent survey has found that two in every five people are being recruited into jobs for which they are not suited

The results of the survey suggest that the pre-interview assessments used by companies often don’t take into account the applicant’s personality type or soft skills. This means that more than 50% of new employees surveyed had left a role because it wasn’t the right fit for their personality.

Mis-hiring costs employers thousands of pounds. Not only is there the original cost of recruitment; new employees go through induction and training processes. If they leave, there is usually a cost for the leaving process and then recruitment has to start all over again.

What are pre-interview assessments?

More and more common across all recruitment, and particularly common for leadership and senior management positions, pre-interview assessments are designed to see whether applicants have the approach and understanding needed to perform well in the role. However, traditional assessment tools can be quite narrow in approach, resulting in the selection of people who may not be a great fit – and the rejection of those who might be.

Designing a pre-interview assessment is a complex job – the assessment must be user-friendly and the applicant must be able to complete it in a reasonable amount of time; but it must also cover the most crucial aspects of the role if it is to be useful. It must also be tailored to fit with the original recruitment and job specification, and with the face-to-face interviews or selection activities that follow it – all part of a clear recruitment process.

What’s the problem?

There can be several issues with pre-interview assessments:

·         They are unnecessarily complicated, confusing applicants and not producing the best information.

·         They can be too long, resulting in candidates deciding not to complete them at all.

·         They can be perceived as unprofessional or irrelevant.

·         Poorly-constructed assessments can be confusing to complete, with candidates not understanding what is required of them.

·         Technology glitches can mean that online assessments may crash halfway through or answers can’t be submitted properly.

·         Badly thought-through assessments don’t produce useful information that can reliably screen candidates.

The survey was undertaken by US-based assessment company, HireVue, who found that many companies were using outdated assessment methods and were therefore completely unable to tell whether candidates had the soft skills they needed for the role. For example, it’s impossible to tell, via an online form, whether your candidate is approachable and friendly – which might be an essential quality for a customer-facing role.

How can we help?

We work with a range of companies on pre-assessment tools, which are designed to capture all the information that’s relevant to the role – including job skills and personality qualities. Our close relationships with clients mean we can tailor those tools by role and requirement, so your whole recruitment process is focused on getting the right person for the role every time.

To talk to us about help with your internal recruitment policies, or to ask our dedicated recruitment team to help you find your next recruit, just contact us today.

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