Teaching respect: the real benefits of diversity training

There have been several stories in the press over recent months where a business’s staff have failed to deal properly with discriminatory behaviour in their workplace. Often, these incidents have been in the hospitality or transport sectors, where members of the public behave inappropriately and intervening staff do not either have or use the training the need in order to defuse the situation, but it is equally important that this training is given internally so teams and leaders work with respect and integrity.

All organisations are advised to deliver good equality and diversity training that not only explains the issues, but gives people the understanding and the tools to deal with difficult situations. Failing to do so can result in people feeling abused or wilfully discriminated against. And, where this happens, there is always the possibility of the individual reporting the incident to the police.

Why equality training matters

In an ideal world, every organisation would want all its staff, stakeholders and customers to be treated equally. There’s a great amount of legislation to make sure this is the case. But a lack of training, poor training or outdated training means that staff may often be unaware of their responsibilities and be unable to take the decisions or have behaviours that are in accordance with legal and ethical requirements.

At Objective HR, we have developed a specialist Equality and Diversity Training package that allows organisations to access up-to-date and relevant training for part or all of their employee base. The training is designed to introduce and explain equality, diversity and inclusivity, and how these can affect everyone in the workplace and beyond.

The general objective of the training is to:

  • Understand what these terms mean and the implications
  • Explain the relevant employment law and legislation
  • Understand and respect the needs of others
  • Learn about unconscious bias and how it impacts our thinking
  • Respond to Inappropriate behavior and differing types of discrimination

As with all our training, this course is interactive and can be tailored to each organisation’s specific needs, allowing us to focus particularly on handling difficult situations and on how to improve behaviours and ensure fairness at all times.

Don’t leave it too late

The more seriously you take diversity and equality training, the more likely you are to be an organisation that sets a good example, and this in turn will reflect positively on your own brand reputation.

To find out more, contact the team at Objective HR today.

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