Five Fabulous Alternatives to the Christmas Party

What’s the point of an office Christmas Party? Is it more trouble than it’s worth? Companies who get it right boost morale, build a ‘family’ feel into the business and give their employees something to really look forward to.

But if standard party nights are feeling a bit stale for your business, why not look at some alternative ways to help your staff let their hair down?

  1. Give your party a charity angle

Studies show that people like to give back, and they like to work together for a good cause. You may already have a nominated charity for 2018, in which case the Christmas Party is a great way to raise some more money right at the end of the year. Close the office early for a Christmas-related relay race; ask people to donate to wear Christmas jumpers. Get some local singers in and have a carol concert – you can still go for your meal or event in the evening, and everyone will feel good about having made an effort for others.

  1. Have a team-building day

There are lots of inventive and enjoyable team-building events out there. You don’t even have to be that focused – just get your people outside the office and into an environment where they can let go and have fun. If you have budget for an overnight stay, you can have a day’s team-building and then an evening event, leaving people free to go home in their own time the following day.

  1. Do a DIY party

If you have the space in your office, why not hold a do-it-yourself party? Find a theme and get people to dress up, organise music and games or hold a competition. You can pay for the food – a hog roast, maybe, or an Indian extravaganza, and have an early finishing time so if people want to head off to the pub, they can.

  1. Hire out the cinema

Most local cinemas offer private screenings, so you could hire out a screen and put on a movie afternoon or evening. Multiplexes have theatres of different sizes, so you can pick whichever fits the number of employees you have, and your budget. Provide hot dogs, popcorn and snacks, and treat your people to an early Christmas break.

  1. Wait until next year

Well, perhaps not a whole year, but many companies plan their ‘Christmas’ parties for early in the new year. This has a number of advantages – the costs will be lower, your employees will have emptier diaries, and you don’t have to play to the Christmas theme – you can do whatever you like. Maybe start a tradition of summer family parties and expand your generosity to partners and children too?

Whatever your plans, make sure you are aware of your responsibilities as an employer during parties and social events. And make sure your employees are aware of their responsibilities too. For help with policies and procedures, why not contact us today?

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