Why your business should enter HR award competitions

You probably already know that awards are good for your business. It’s always good when your product or service is recognised as being outstanding – but what about the way you look after your people?

This forms part of your ‘reputational brand’ – the way people perceive you as an employer. Forward-thinking businesses don’t just put policies in place; they live their culture, go out of their way to be different and celebrate their working environment.

Why does it matter?

People are drawn to work for businesses where they think they will be happy. A happy workforce is a loyal and productive workforce, which means better results for you, both in terms of profit and employee retention.

When employees stay with your business for longer, you reduce your recruitment costs – and you’ll find that those same employees are likely to encourage others to come and work alongside them – effectively handling some of your recruitment for you.

What sort of awards can I enter?

There are lots of different awards that recognise the culture and environment of the businesses around them. Your local business awards might have a ‘teamwork’ category you can enter; or you can go for dedicated award events that focus on customer service or learning and development. If you have an HR professional or team in your business, you could encourage them to enter HR-specific awards, highlighting the proactive work that they do.

Will I win?

There’s PR value to being selected for the long-list, the short-list and the finalists list for any awards – and of course you’re entering to win. To give yourself the best chance of winning, take a careful look at the categories and enter those where you can clearly meet the award criteria. You can usually enter for more than one category too, giving you a better chance of being listed. Make sure your entry covers all the things the judges are looking for, and keep it readable and focused. You might want to enlist some help writing your award entry to make sure you’re giving yourself the best possible chance of success.

If you win – use the PR value as much as you can. Add the awards logo to your website and email signatures; do some local and trade PR, and use ‘award-winning’ in front of your name – it makes people take notice and helps to give your brand that extra shine.

To find out more about how you could develop an award-winning culture for your business, contact us today.

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