7 great company benefits you could offer to your employees

It’s not just giant corporations that can be imaginative about the benefits they offer. Thinking a bit differently could help your brand reputation and your recruitment process.

JumpingIn fact, smaller companies can make the most of a flexible approach to help them establish themselves as a leading player. Instead of restrictive benefits, you could discover that flexibility and practicality improve productivity and contribute to a happy, hard-working environment.

  1. Flexible working hours – lots of companies already offer ‘flexible’ working, but many of these still set core hours and are rigid about clocking in and out. Some bolder companies have discovered that having no official hours and allowing people to come in just for as long as it takes to get the work done actually increases productivity and quality of work. The most well-known company doing this is Netflix.
  2. Fun and learning – most employers now have some sort of learning and development programme, but those who look further forward offer monthly dips into work and non-work subjects, helping to bring their employees together, broaden their experiences and take them out of the work zone for a valuable hour or so.
  3. Health and wellbeing – the standard offering for the health of employees is usually some level of access to a private health plan. But wise employers know that it can be more cost-effective to provide a wider range of health services than it is to lose productivity because of sickness. That’s why you’ll see more occupational therapists, health classes and more nutritional food available in an increasing number of businesses.
  4. Freebies – the way you do this will largely depend on the size of your company and the size of your imagination. Huge corporations with big sponsorship deals usually keep tickets and goodies back for staff so that they feel part of the whole venture. Smaller companies can do the same too though – a competition for a couple of free tickets; a free day off; a shopping voucher – all ways to treat your employees and keep them happy.
  5. Sabbaticals – probably most recognised in the academic sector, sabbaticals are becoming a popular thing for companies to offer. Employees often have to have worked at the company for a set period before taking a sabbatical, but a month off to pursue your own hobbies, or to take time out with your family means you come back refreshed, productive and ready to go.
  6. Pet projects – this is a popular benefit for companies in the tech sector, and allows staff at all levels to spend a certain number of hours on a non-commercial pet project. Employees can use, within reason, the companies resources and more often than not, these projects evolve into entire or part of a future project. Don’t waste that creativity.
  7. Tuition fee payments – this is a big perk for high-flying companies in the USA, who will help certain employees to cover their student debts. Now that UK students are coming out of university with significant debts, we may see a rise in companies attracting the best talent by offering an annual tuition fee payment.

A recruitment package is no longer simply about annual salary. Potential employees are using a wide range of measures to compare you to the competition, and imaginative, well-thought-out benefits offerings could be one way to distinguish yourself.

To find out more about how benefits could be as good for your business as they are for your people, contact us today.

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