A Merry Christmas from Objective HR!

2014 has been an exciting year at Objective HR, and we've got plans in place to make 2015 even better!

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We’ve re-structured our business this year, launching Objective People as our over-arching brand, and introducing Objective Screening and Objective Resourcing – watch out for new websites next year!

We’ve also moved offices (in fact, we’re packing boxes right now), so we’ll be starting the new year with a spring in our step, offering a wide range of HR and resourcing services to help you stay on the right track.

We thought we’d pull out some of the highlights of our year, including some of the topics and insights we’ve shared with you in 2014.

Are you recruiting for attitude or skill? Our Insight in March looked at why it can often be better to make sure your recruits are aligned to your company’s culture rather than having the best skills. Skills can always be taught, but a good attitude is harder to sort out. Recruiting this way could save you valuable money on recruitment costs.

Will you be employing in Europe in 2015? We posted an article in June with 5 top tips on employing staff in Europe. Take a look, if you’re thinking of expanding your horizons in 2015.

In August, we looked at Employer Branding, and how it can help your business to stand out from the crowd. Taking this aspect of your business seriously could help you to recruit the best talent and improve your reputation.

And we focused on how businesses handle charity days in October. There are an ever-increasing number of global, national and local events taking place throughout the year – how do you decide which ones to support, and how to manage your employees’ expectations?

We hope your business has had a great 2014 too, and we’d love to help you with any changes or challenges you might face in 2015. To find out more, just contact us when you’re ready.



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