About Objective HR

What do you want from an HR consultancy? Our clients benefit from experience, knowledge, a professional approach and refreshing honesty.

Not your standard HR Consultancy

Regardless of size, sector or scope of work, you’ll get the help you really need, without being frightened into changes you shouldn’t make.

Clients appreciate that we take the time to understand each business and the issues it faces. Applying ourselves completely to finding the right way to help you and your people move forward towards the goals you have set, our teams pass on their skills and experience to build a better place to work and develop.

Objective HR is friendly and focused, getting to the heart of the matter without ruffling feathers and working with your teams and any other outside agencies to provide your people with the knowledge, motivation and passion that make excellence standard.

Objective HR was founded in 2009 by Lisa Collins. Lisa has worked in HR for 25 years, influencing measurable business success and helping businesses and organisations of all sizes to achieve positive change.